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Saturday, 2 August 2014

New Home presentation - 28th July 2014

We had our NHP on 28th. All went well.

We are pretty impressed with the build quality, finishing and their speed. Even though there were few issues, most have been sorted out.

Our telephone,data points which were misplaced in the home theater room is to remain there and SS said he will get these points additionally added in to the living room as per our demand.

Also, the double GPO next to the island bench was placed bit far and hence SS said he will get another double GPO close to the bench now.

And since Vogue 17's MW positioning in pantry is an epic failure, we were ready to place the MW on the bench top. But SS was of the opinion that its pretty bad to keep the MW there and hence he promised us to talk to the shelving company and get it fixed in the pantry itself.

The following items were agreed to be fixed on the completion checklist.

1. Various paint touch ups
2. Data, Telephone + GPO to living at 200mm
3. GPO in pantry to shift to suit for MW
4. Adjust pantry shelving to allow for MW
5. Fill hole under bench top
6. Roof Service
7. Caulking around windows.
Front Door


Pantry Alteration - In progress

Exposed Aggregate - Driveway 

Path Around the house

New Carpets - Cat 2



  1. Hi! Your house looka great! I'm building with Homebuyers Centre too. I wonder if you can tell me how much did they charge you for upgrading the driveway from Standard to Exposed Aggregate. Hope you can tell me so that I can work out our budget. Thanks.

    1. that costed under $1000. it was a mandatory thing for us in our estate..

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  3. Thanks Manu for the info. One more thing, the path around the house was done by them too? If you can tell me roughly how much did you pay for it. Thanks once again.

    1. yes i did it thru them and it costed ~800 and its just 0.5m wide