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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Site Start Finally...

It's been a while since crawled down in and typed something !

Lot of things happened in the meantime and I was too busy picking my hair in the interim !

To cut this short, here are a few things that happened during my espionage...
  • 2nd Dec 2013 - Pre Start and Colour selections and Building Contract Signed.
  • 10th Dec 2013 - Bank loan was formally approved
  • 20th Dec 2013 - Land settlement is done
  • 15th Jan 2014 - Builder submitted docs for Stockland approval
  • 15th Feb 2014 - Stockland applied for Planning permit with the Council
  • 14th Mar 2014 - HBC applied for building permit
  • 24th Mar 2014 - HBC received endorsed plans from Stockland 
  • 2nd Apr 2014 - Building Permit Arrived and got handed over to construction
  • 4th Apr 2014 - Client Liaison called up and said Site Start on 9th Apr 2014.
In between the timelines above I made quite a few visit to our block to make sure things are alright there, as quite a few people had issues with garbage being dumped into their land and so forth..

Also, we had to make numerous corrections to our plans as the drawings had lot of mistakes and lot of things missed out. I hope I have found all issues now and plans look alright now. Fingers crossed !

:-) Now I am keen on updating the blog with the construction pics every week ! The LOONG WAIT is over finally I think and happy Construction days ahead !!


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